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Why so serious, Duck Avenger?

We started moving stuff into our new apartment last night, which also means I got to see our apartment for the first time! I guess that sounds crazy, that I signed on sight-unseen, but. I've lived in the same building as it for five years-- so I know the basics. I checked out the other two-bedrooms that were available, too. & Jenny thought it was the best of the lot...& I knew it had A Pillar! Why do I want A Pillar? Shut up, is why. Last night I finally saw it, & I'm pleased. Here are the downsides; which aren't complaints, they are awarenesses. I've already extolled the virtues (A Pillar, dishwasher, windows to the street & the courtyard, no shared walls, first floor) so the cons are the new bits, to me. One, the bathroom isn't as nice. Our old apartment has a huge bathtub, one I can lie down in. I am fairly tall. A long bathtub is pretty luxurious. Besides that, the toilet is a tank-toilet. Doesn't everyone prefer powerflush? I do. Well; the tank will hold water if civilization collapses, plus I can hide stuff there, like a handgun. Always look on the bright side! Two...what was two...oh! Two is that the courtyard-side room is bigger, by enough. Enough to make it the bedroom. The street-side room also has a weird bump! The weird bump is the top of a staircase going to a secret passage to the courtyard...crap! There actually is a secret passage. Sweet! It would make keeping that room our bedroom harder, though, since it takes up floor space. So, the awesome weird bump will be in the street-side room. Now we just have to slug our books down & bring the furniture & stuff. We already plowed through the pile of books on the table & three bookcases, so I'm not sweating it. I sure hope Jenny is getting a picture in her head of how everything will go...I don't have a head for that, I guess. Which, by the way, the above map is a guesstimate-recreation; the only reason it is as close to accurate as it is or may be is thanks to Dungeons & Dragons; otherwise my brain is too heuristic-oriented to be any good with that sort of thing. I know where the doors are, but they are like a Japanese map-- just locations on a linear angle from a point of origin.
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