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The comic on the right is NSFW.

My brain is my friend today! It dropped "antepenultimate" into conversation with Jenny this morning, & it wasn't contrived or awkward; it was just the right word! Of course, we were talking about what order I put on my clothes (boxers, undershirt, socks, pants, shoes, outer shirt) but that isn't the point, the point is antepenultimate. Then once I got to work it spit out the name of the red haired girl from MTV News...Tabitha Soren! Now Adam just wandered over to my desk & I made a zombie face at him...which is what he was walking over here to do...telepathy! Thanks brain, you've got my back today. Probably making up for trying to make me worry yesterday. I hate situations where no news is good news; you can't get good news, only bad news; lack of news is the best you can hope for. So you wait with a peach pit in your stomach, folds of flesh rubbing over the groves in the hard nut. Yikes. Went to bed with a bellyfull of acid; had to sleep on my back or side to keep it from scorching my throat. Otherwise, I went home a little early to mollycoddle my sick wife. Watched a few more episodes of Lost: The Ben Linus Show. I actually didn't hate Kate's episode, which is like, amazing. Jenny made some kind of almost-Vietnamese wraps; cucumber & carrot but not in a slaw, some kind of Vietnamese dressing?, & chicken.

I started scribbling some notes down about things...maybe each of the Major Affiliations, the Great Powers, is so defined for having control of a Watchtower? So now I'm thinking that it will be The Brood (Watchtower Synapse), The Mandate (Watchtower Colostrum), The Lodge (Watchtower Leviathan), Mother Church (Watchtower Cathedra), The Shining Horde (Watchtower Omphalos), & the Unity (Watchtower Gothic). I'm filling in lots of details on organization & mythology, which I still have more more more to do, & I'm trying to think of the benefits of membership. Experience cost breaks on Merits is an idea put to good use in Vampire: the Requiem, & I'm also thinking maybe a bonus Vice, a bonus Virtue? Maybe extra dots of Willpower or boxes of Health? Maybe making a thing like non-murder killing not matter on your Humanity check? I'm not sure. I don't want to get too crazy, but I want it to be worth it. Also, what kind of "reward" do you give the Unaffiliated guy? Or do you not. Do you just advantage belonging to one?
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