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Swordslinger. (80)

Afro Samurai Volume 2, by Takashi Okazaki.

This is my big sword.
There are many like it, dig?
But this one is mine.

Together with the first volume, this is the whole collected manga. Or dojinshi. Wait, it can be both. So it is both. Well alright, first things first-- there is a hyper-sexualized bit of dead lady right in the first issue. So, I guess we can take this as a given that as far as the treatment of ladies, we're sunk. The threat of rape later in the volume is scary & meant to be vile; I mention it here for sake of completeness. So what do I think about this comic in the end? Well, the use of negative space remains excellent. The panoramic views of the world are great. Fights against robots are always pretty cool. The "cursed drive of the man bent of vengeance" thing is exaggerated to ridiculousness; Afro doesn't seem bad-ass or haunted but rather paper-thin. So what is the verdict? I think this comic seems like a perfect candidate to make a television show off of. The search for the "Number One" slot (& headband) is a good device, & the mix of robots & samurai & gunslingers is to my liking, though the story has some offensive moments & has a hard time holding cohesion in some of the battle sequences. I'd be interesting in seeing how it was re-interpreted onto the screen; with the same skeleton & some different flesh on them bones, it could really pull together.
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