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Clever girl!

Yesterday...I ate too much. Really, things happened, but I mostly feel like I ate too much. It doesn't help that I didn't go to the gym even one day during the week. LAZY. Frig's day I had one of my dwindling summer hours days at work-- the actual work day was dominated by me being unable, thanks to my own constant screwing up, to print out these things I needed to print. Seriously, it was...a disaster. A personal tempest of ruin. Still, got it done, sent out my daily shtick & then was LURED into SIN by Matt & Adam. Matt called himself Iago, since he just planted the idea in my head & then left it along. Anyhow, got some grub & then went over to Matt's apartment, which I hadn't seen before. Hung out there in various states of inebriation & then came home about three. Watched Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Jenny came home, surprising me-- I didn't expect to see her. Then I ate a ton of pizza, & before too long it was time to go over to Adam's for his Dino Party.

On the way to Adam's (just a few blocks away) I ran into Carla & Kenneth. Hello! On the way to watch a sports game at a bar. The rain was still drizzling down; drip! Adam has a cottage-- I think I've mentioned? In the four-square corners of buildings on two streets, there is a former...shack? Carriage house? Whatever it is, it has been renovated into a cottage, with a little garden & all that. Adam had strung up a giant tarp to make a sort of tent, & between there & inside (where other people were watching a sports game) there was plenty of room. I arrived with Pumpkin Beer, & there was some of Tania's friends from the French Culinary Institute cooking away, & Brian & Jocelyn! Hooray! Others came & went-- Kat, Eugene, Nicole, & a whole bunch of Adam's friends & some sibs even. It was a nice time; very easy to lull yourself into a camping-like zone; with the sounds of the tent being rained upon, the smell of Adam grilling up sausage, the slow creep of sobriety's lack...Jenny texted me, coinciding with a pause in the rain, asking when I was coming home. I'd been waiting for the rain to let up, so I struck! Off I went, home to cuddle up into her.

Today has been awfully snuggles, I'm disgusted to say. Seriously, stop beaming smiles at your wife, you hideous creature! This week's Totem is the Blueberry! A special fruit, especially today-- blueberry pancakes, blueberry sausages, blueberry everything. I went to the store to buy our supplies (including pork & brie for lunch) & we ate; other than that I've been lavishing myself with espresso, playing some Mario 3, & being relaxed. Jenny is reading in bed, but I have no idea what I'll read next. I considered going to Kit Marlowe & Co. for a surprise visit, but nope. My plan currently is to go to the gym before the day is out. I know, tall order.

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