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In his Tubular Spacial. (79)

You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation! by Fletcher Hanks, edited by Paul Karasik.

Her face shows the skull--
jungle doom is upon you!
Flying on thought rays.

This is the companion volume to I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets!, together constituting the collected works of Fletcher Hanks. Who the hell is Fletcher Hanks? He was a an author & artist in comics right at the dawn of the superhero. He also was a total piece of human crap. Don't mistake him for the heroic Fletcher Hanks Jr. No, senior died on a park bench & that was par for the course. Which adds a certain meta-spice to reading these; all these heroic guys (& gal) striding around, busting skulls (or stars) for justice? Would have been busting Hank's, you know. His prose & pictures seethe with it, too; ugliness & violence are happenstance in his comics; up to & including babies getting eaten by tigers. Then confusing Super Science Wizards "whisk" in use strange rays to set things right-- well, put things right. They don't bring back the dead & tortured. I was won over by the first volume, & when I saw this second one at BEA (in an attractive Covey designed package) I was filled with Must-Have. Here we have room for some of Hank's other, non-Stardust, writing. Lumberjacks swinging fists, space police in rocket ships, spies, even medieval knights. Myself, I prefer the total lunacy of Stardust, so I suppose the first volume still stands out as the best, but this is some wild stuff; plus, it completes the set! Oh, & it does have a story where Stardust creates a "Sixth Column," which is for boys? I was sad there wasn't a Karasik strip in the back; I thought it worked as an endcap in the last one. The search for the mystery of the magic words is a really worthwhile quest, though.
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