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Yesterday was not the worst, though I was sort of harried here & there & back again. Sherene is the new girl at the office, & she convinced me to join the YPG, mostly with the promise of free food (a lie!) & various strong arm tactics. Well alright-- she didn't lie about the lunch, but I kind of assumed it! So did Andy, who was also suckered in by her wiles. We went up to Random House for some glad-handing with the editor of the Sookie Stackhouse; she also happens to be the senior editor of Ace & Roc but apparently that gets second billing? I guess it does when half the people who showed up are True Blood fans. The editor was knowledgeable & charmed me by liking her genre; she knew the right sources to credit, the right fandoms to nod to, she was the real deal, geek done good. Otherwise, my workday was the usual, with a slight mailing in the crease. Took off early to meet up with Jenny-- we ate at Shake Shack. The "Shack Stack" is a cheeseburger with a portobella mushroom (stuffed with cheese & deep fried) on top. Then we ran around town a little, till eventually ending up back home, where I didn't really want to do anything but read. fordmadoxfraud gave me another Culture novel & I have to tell you, man I am sold on that, hooked on phonics. Now if only I could suck him in to the Gene Wolfe's Solar Cycle...which, speaking of, Theresa started The Book of the New Sun yesterday & I am pretty excited about that.

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