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Oubliette interstitial: Return to PERL!

(The Generalissimo's "Panopticon Gigas"-- by Tatsuyuki Tanaka; The "Chronometric Essentializer"-- by Porkshanks)

James came over last night to do some inter-session roleplaying; since after last session with the Generalissimo the party split up (Damocles & Lorelai left to find Lore's brother Legend back at the Karnak crystal star; Balthazar & Bedwin stayed with the Generalissimo, either lured by his interests & power, or to spy-- respectively). Balthazar Thrice-Dead sat around discussing philosophy for a bit; still tilting at each other with awkward thrusts; untrusting, peppering truths with lies, & vice-versa. Meanwhile, Bedwn trotted out after Lorelai to speak with her briefly. The Generalissimo brought out a ticking, cantilevering, hissing, Russian-doll nestled contraption out, & decanted a glass of liquid from it for Balthazar-- it tasted of otherworldly spices, familiar to his otherworldly palate. The speak more of a land called "Ur," but briefly-- enough to say it is a place across the sea.

Eventually The Generalissimo "convinces" Balthazar to take a look at his aforementioned "Panopticon Gigas"--he leads Balthazar through a labyrinth of stone corridors, to a room with a heavy door of rock, anchored in a groove in the floor, kept lubricated with cannonball grease. He goes in to prepare the Panopticon & tells Balthazar to enter after a twenty count. When he does, he see the now shirtless (& pegleg-less) Generalissimo hooked up to a device, a machine of some provenience. The Generalissimo invites Balthazar to try; shirtless, grey lips where his belly button should be, he does so; The chest piece seizes up his heart with magnetic induction, drawing a lump of iron-blood to it, forming a circuit-- Balthazar's heart murmured, eyelids fluttered &....

(Giant Slugs-- nudibranchs by David Doubilet)

...& came to on the back of a giant slug on PERL...where his memory got spotty, from the last time he was there! See, Balthazar knew, intellectually, that he had broken into the Ancestor City of Metalloglass Domes, that he'd sought Øed the Science King, that he'd found...something...instead, that it tore a crystal from his soul. He knew all this, was like it happened to someone else. (Metagame-wise, he didn't play it, it was all unspooled as exposition.) This took up right where his memory left off! Towards the city he road, with Ure the Wilder, Blooto the Exile! Past the fields of Coralquahogs, the frothy starch of the Oobleck Ocean beneath his stead. He made a speech! He burnt out the pixels of the Security Dome! Inside, Mario Galaxy-like spheres floating in zero-g, or rather-- subjective-g, as down was towards the middle, whether it was a sphere or a rod; or sometimes there was only one plane-- & jumped from planetoid to planetoid (all adrift in weather patterns). He punched & kicked, he hatcheted when he had to, loath to kill the mind-controlled citizens. From the top of the central sphere-- he waved a red flag for Kore!-- then on to the next Bubble, with Star Wars-like arbitrary holes to nowhere! Where he had a duel with three GENEies, women all in white with lightning guns!

(The only downside was I was a dick-by-circumstance to Tracey. I asked what she was up to on Tuesday, she said seeing a movie with her husband Sam. I told her to call me when she left, thinking hey! She could play Kore, that would be fun. I was waffling-- since I was calling game at 10:00pm, & she said she couldn't make it till 9:30. Well, Jenny was out till 10:00-- I figured a little later but was wrong-- so I wasn't sure. Then James brought fancy beer from Bierkraft, plus fancy cheese & fancy crackers, so I told Tracey to definately come-- which was probably over enthusiastic. So...long story short, Jenny home exhausted, James coming to a close, Tracey calls me at 9:45, & then when I go to let her in we suss out that she's on the wrong I was stuck telling her not to come over...which, I'm a jerk. Yeah, Jenny had to wake up early & such, but Tracey went out of her way & then got lost on top of that, & then I'm like "sorry, no dice." Pun intended. I wrote her an email to apologise!)
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