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It looks like I am moving on Monday. Just downstairs, but rather-- into a two bedroom. Into an infinitely better life! I like my building, like my apartment, but need a better, bigger the die was cast! Try to swindle the landlords into just shuffling us around in the building. & here it is! We will move downstairs, to a two-bedroom apartment. It shares no walls with any other apartments, has windows to the street & to the courtyard, a pillar in the middle (for my object d'art!), a bigger kitchen, a dishwasher-- all kinds of goodies! The downside is, I don't know how we are going to move; Monday is last minute, & a work day, & the Kit Marlowe & Co. people (all of whom owe me a solid) have a pretty good excuse in that it is the first day of rush. Yikes! I am hoping we can get in to the apartment on Sunday night; then I can get the Kit Marlowe kids & the various other sundry Good Soldiers to pitch in. It will be the easiest move ever! Down one flight of stairs, is all! There will be aproximately 1,000,000 books to move, but I'm not sweating it; I can move boxes of books like you wouldn't believe!

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