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Bit of a disconcerting moment this morning on the train-- you know the sound that a paperstock card makes on the spokes of a bike's wheel? Or the sound of something metal stuck into a fan's blades? That, but on the side of the train. Oh how grand! Wake up the part of your brain that should be paying attention for such incongruity. Still, no trouble, no harm. I have been well-- half busy, & half not, if you know what I mean? Let me see here; on Thor's day, I went to Kat's new apartment, where we met up with Sarah, as well as Jocelyn & Brian. Hung out in the back-yard area, charming little concrete box. Then off to try to find Matt's (my boss) reading. Along the way, Jocelyn tripped & took quite the spill; she & Brian paused to catch their breath & we never got them back! We did meet up with J. Matthew in lieu though. It took us forever to find the venue; I mean, we had to wait for moonlight to reveal the ithildin letters, then get the password from the thrush, only two may walk abreast, all that jazz. Andy was there, as was Adam & Tanya, & Matt's girlfriend & parents, who I didn't get to meet. Matt read, which was acceptable-- I can't say much about it obviously. The next guy's reading was not my favorite, except he did have one killer scene where a loanshark eats a defaulting protagonist's hand. That right there was great. The last bit was an essay about birds that was hilarious & true. Well worth the sweltering heat. DID I MENTION THE HELLFIRE? Yeah, totally inferno hot.

I can't even remember what happened on Frig's day. I guess I left work early, then I probably hit the gym. All that is true, that probably happened. Or near enough to act as if it did. I think I tried to work on my game, but I don't think I got anywhere. I might have watched a movie or some television. So I don't even know. Not that I know if I did anything on Saturn's day, either; I mean, I definitely did work on my game, & I also went to the gym; I might just have hung out with Jenny. Oh, I definitely did; there was talk, hub-ub about a double-date with Brian & Jocelyn, but it never materialized & we were happy to just get to hang out with Jenny. Now I feel like-- did I do something on Frig's day? Anyhow, Sun's day was for roleplaying, & then Moon's day was, well, nothing much. I like nothing much! Edit: of course I did something on Frig's day, I knew I must've! Danielle was at Bar Reis, which sounds like it should be good news but wasn't gospel it was...malspel! First off, Jenny & I gorged on hamburgers & sundry. I mean, a truly epic amount. Then to the bar! Not drinking means we live the life where we show up first, & leave first. I did have a Six Points (beer fanboy!) but we left shortly after Carla showed up & before David & Maggie ever arrived. Which in our credit was two hours after the start! I am going to be sad when Danielle isn't around.

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