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Doughnut Crime!

Name, rank, & serial number! Not a lot to report here, actually. Captain's log: we've been patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone. Nothing to see; even the enemy ships are invisible. Lets see, let me see here. Tuesday I went out for drinks with Matt & Kat from work. I hadn't intended to (my plan was the gym) but they succubi'd & inccubi'd me into coming; plus, I made dogdays decisions under this heat. Heatwave! & there was the fact that Jenny was coming home late, so I figured we could slip a drink in & then abscond before she even noticed! We'll, she'd notice since I told her, but not other than that. It didn't work out that way! I stayed a little later than I meant to, but on the plus side, I came home with pizza for us to eat. Wednesday was more to my liking...I came home dying of heat (oh woe is me!) but pulled it together & went to the gym. Good free weights workout, good cardiovascular workout (Kill Bill was on), mediocre machine workout, so all around a success. Then home for some seafood & a salad, & reading. Oh & yesterday I wrote some faux-Beowulf material for my game (The Bjorning) & today I'm wearing a vest!

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