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Trial by stone (I always expect it to end in a stabbing...)

I'm kind of in a bit of a food coma at the moment-- Rachel & I went to get all you can eat vegetarian Indian food, which for seven bones ain't that bad. I'm tightening the purse strings but I figure that counts still! This Sun's day wasn't so bad; not at all! Wifey & I woke up too damn early; out of bed by seven, whyfore? So we could eat some scrambled eggs, I guess! We knocked around the apartment for a while, reading, fooling around online, watching some television, bein' cabin-fever-crazy, & then eventually she took off too walk around in the sweltering heat-death outside, while I had James come over to watch Dark Crystal. Here is a quick impression of him "Wait, when do the human actors show up?" Never, James! Delight in puppetry! & eff podlings. Skeksis are a pretty good model of how goblins behave, for the record. Then while we played some Mario 3, Jenny came home with Kira, so I left to hang out in the bedroom with them, eventually inviting James in. Talk talk talk, & then Kira goes home & Jenny, James & I go out for Rachel's...I had enchiladas, Jenny a burger, but James got the Hollenbeck Special which is a burrito, not the size of your head, the size of your arm. Crazy! Also, I had a beer, because I wanted one. I wanted it! Then no James, & home, to finish up Angel. Done! I have to say, what a good show, what a good ending. Besides the whole "Immortal" business...which just makes fun of all the Whedon conventions, & Europe, to boot, there is the actual final episode. With poetry Spike, & crazy Anne cameo, &...well, with a really satisfying conclusion in the same alley way the opening was first shot. I'd seen it all before, but it holds up, it ages darn well.
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