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Millennium Educational Reform Act—AKA: The BR Act. (75)

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Smile for the camera!
& keep your eyes on the prize.
The prize is killing.

D'ja see Battle Royale? Same thing. I don't mean that to be reductionary; I'm just giving you the simplest encapsulation. Not saying that it is some kind of rip off or re-tread; hell, Running Man, The Most Dangerous Game & heck, Theseus on his way to Crete are all the same mytheme. Here we get one girl-- Katniss, the post-apocalyptic hunter. Good for her, she's clearly a survivor from page one to the final trump. She's a jewel. The Kazuo Kiriyama is Cato, who you don't get enough of; there aren't really as many twists as I expected there would be, which on one hand was sort of sad (I kept anticipating convoluted betrayals) but on the other means that Collins doesn't take cheap shots or shortcuts to bankrupt emotional melodrama. You get the good stuff, here. Hey, I'm a sucker for pitiless YA: nobody complains they just do the hard stuff, & for all of that, it isn't as ridiculously bleak & silly as a lot of PA gets. I'm a happy camper, & will be tearing into Catching Fire before too long.
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