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Making the bed means I'm an adult.

You can tell I'm still alive because I never have less than two Wikipedia pages open at a time-- usually the same two pages, for about a month. So far this week has been fine, but lazy. I haven't been to the gym yet once, even. Monday was a furnace in Gotham; you know, growing up in the Wasteland where Summers break 40°C & winters that get cold enough to freeze engine blocks, I ought to be a tougher cookie. No such luck; the mercury gets over 30° & I only want to go from air-conditioned work to air-conditioned home. Monday was meant to be a gym day, but instead I had a burger burrito & called it a wash. Tuesday was another heat-wave attack-day, but I let Danielle & Carla woo me to the Asian pub for drinks & some fusion food. Note to self: never get the Pad Thai. I actually got some California Rolls & Random Tempura, which was a wise choice. Also, a garbage martini, but it was only $3, so. Jenny met us, but only in enough time to say goodbye & split for Park Slope. Back home, watch a documentary, bed. Wedneday was going to be catch-up with the gym...but my train was messed up. Turned my 25 minute commute in an hour & a half. Train signals mis-matched, then stuck (standing up!) in between Union & 9th. Very sad, shopped for food, came home & Jenny & I were puddles of misery & love all over the apartment. Very sad for no particular reason. Tired mostly. Tired isn't the same as sad, you say? I don't know what emotions are, duh! Then I did a vidokhat with Meggy & Chris.

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