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A day in the life, a night in the unlife.

I had a pretty alright weekend, if you don't mind me saying so. If you do mind me saying so? I'll borrow a line of my friend's-- I'd like to see you try & stop me. Friday we met up with Kira & Nino & took the Longest Busride Ever™ to Bayridge, where we met up with Robert & Judy to eat Szechuan food. Along the way, Nino went into starvation coma, & Kira? She's crazy all the time these days. It is pretty great, she's crazy. We filled ourselves up with spicy tofu (good) & green beans (the best) & pea-shoots (fine) & pork-loin sushi (it was basically that) & fried scallion pancakes (too doughnutty) & fried yams (too fried) & this mega spicy dish; chicken cubes in 1:1 proportion with dried chilis. I thought the peppers looked like dead grasshoppers or cicada husks, but I didn't tell anyone else. Afterward, Judy & Robert drove us home & I told everyone my fart's smell like a unicorns, all strawberry & stuff.

Saturday we woke up fairly early & ran some minor errands. We had gone shopping together on Friday, gotten a bunch of healthy food. Not drinking (except for a glass here or there) & going to the gym & eating well? Sure, alright why not! We knocked around the neighborhood Saturn's day morn: got breakfast at La Bagel Delight (shh!) & browsed the books at Mister Barnes & Mister Noble (don't worry, Kit Marlowe!) & then finally went to my secret gift boutique spot & bought Jenny a stainless steel water bottle with a dragonfly on it. After all that lazy business, it was home again for a little R&R & then off to the gym! I did another nice bit of blitzing, but missed David & Maggie in the mix. & missed Jenny! She' run out to some last minute appointment she'd forgotten about. Then what happened? I'll tell you! I downloaded Super Mario Brothers 3 onto my Wii, & I played some MarioKart too-- & I beat 150cc all with stars, unlocking Dry Bowser & some other stuff too. James was supposed to come over & maybe watch Legend & play the Mario games (I'd watched the Director's Cut a few days ago, but wanted to watch the Theatrical Release too) but he wimped out; so I was stuck alone.

On the Sun's day I ran my game & then came home to Jenny for a little more frolicking in the moon shine. Not the moonshine. & just actual, non-euphemistic frolic. Earlier she was desperate for me not to leave; she's a funny duckling. I'm fond of her. Segues nicely into Moon day-- I came home from a fuzzy-headed day at work & told her I was blowing off the gym; instead I had a burger burrito & we watched the Roast of Joan Rivers. I expected to watch about twenty minutes to a half hour before being fed up-- I mean, it is usually funny for a little bit, but then turns into everybody recycling each other's jokes-- but we ended up watching the whole thing. Tom Arnold kept flubbing his jokes & it was slaying us; either he's an Andy Kaufmanesque genius all of a sudden or...or I don't even know. Then I stuck around reading...I recently got the Ordo Dracul book, & am pretty pleased with my re-evaluation.

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