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It's been going on.

Wotan's day night, Jenny was coming home late & I shuffled over to the gym. I seem to recall something happening, some anecdote to related, but it has slippery eeled through my fingers, lost now to whatever you call lost thoughts. History, or the illusion of it. It happened to me, & so even if I don't remember it, like water across a glaciar top, it left a mark. Or across stone, or glass. Or it didn't, & nothing happened, & I'm trying to pretend I'm mutable in any way. Earlier I'd grabbed lunch in the park with Kat; but that hardly bears mention-- I'm forever luncheoning. Thor's day was slightly eventful at work-- launch season, & in classic Bader-Meinhof, one of the posters we are putting out has Storm Large on the cover-- the girl from Rockstar INX that Jenny & I were just speaking about the other day. Lunch was with Lisa, & so was after work drinks! Lisa is leaving, sad to say. So she, myself, Andy & Tiffanie all went out to Dewey's Flatiron which is an odd little place with leather table cloths. & oh, offensive date-rape ads in the bathroom from Dial:

Well it was nice! Martini, yum. The discussion eventually turned towards being half-asian, since everyone else at the table besides me was-- which was fun. Go go gadget melting pot! So we talked around the table, & then I was the first to split; I got a wife to get home to! Tra-la-la home & pick up some Thai food (well-- two Pad Thais...I always feel embarrassed doing that but well, noodle dishes are good!). After we wolfed that down & watched some Angel we stopped next door to look at their apartment. Operation: Two Bedroom continues! The place was nice-- much nicer than the similar unit upstairs, thanks to a spot of renovation. I kept bringing up the books the girl had on her table; Graveyard Book & Catching Fire in particular, & found out she works at Scholastic. Bookjobs unite! So now we have two apartments we like; one on our floor which is fine, & one downstairs that we like better-- which means we have an rapier & main-gauche to fence with. "how about X for $Y,000! Or Z for $W,000?" Plus what I reminded Jenny of; we should maybe think about a lease for longer than a year. New apartment, exciting. Anyhow, then to bed. Today at work: half day, & free Goodburger!
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