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Flash mob comics! Well, almost. (73)

Plain Janes by Cecil Castellucci & Jim Rugg.

Remember that time
we Blair Witched Mark's house? With dolls
made of sticks? & blood?

Hey, remember all the kerfluffle over Minx? Well, I finally got around to reading Plain Janes after reading a couple others back last year. I had heard mixed reviews of Janes; it was a public darling, but a lot of people I knew were less impressed. What is my verdict? Well, I liked it. It was the perfect thing to slip in to a single subway ride. I think the "acts of art" are kind of half-way between graffiti & actual acts of public art (like-- who cleans up your litter, guys?) which complicated my feelings, but the adults were caricatures enough to make it work. Like, the high-strung cop-enemy, the mentally damaged overly protective mother...they were scarecrows that allowed the rest of the story to make sense. The end of the book isn't really a conclusion; it is a fine stopping point, but it lacks resolution.
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