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Introspection, introspection...what have we here...cellar full of spiders made of glass (how their scurrying feet sound like fingernails on slate!)...attic full of black halo'd angels (soaked in blood, crowns absent)...usual stuff...lots of books in the library (oh look, this one is about Antarctica!) is the game parlor (it works much better if you call it "Mother Church," doesn't it?) is the boudoir ("where the magic happens," is what the crew of Cribs told me to say)...closet (filled with black t-shirts, black button up shirts)...think about what you think about...oh look, a bay window (I can see the Empire State Building & the Chrysler Building from here in the Flatiron Building)...& the antechamber (through which I can see the many park'd Brooklyn)...& this closet is just full of skeletons (with bones of gold & teeth of diamond)....

Or scarecrows! With jack-o-lanterns for heads!

Guillotine? Well, friends, what can I say. My days consist of routine, which I am happy to embrace. As I do a substantial portion of my living inside of my own head (like Tom Sawyer & Injun Joe lost in the caves, hording candles, piling up bat bones) it suits me very well. I wake up early, at six-thirty, to the sound of erhu music piping from my cell phone. I like to think of it as my own hideous flute! I mess around on the internet before finally getting ready for the day: shower & dress. I leave for the train a little after eight; I ride on the R train, entertaining myself with a book on the trip. Staying on the local might take a little longer, but it guarantees me a seat. When I leave the train, I look around ("Hello Metropolis!") & if I feel like it, pick up a bagel (sometimes with scallion cream cheese). I'm at work at about eight forty-five, & the day commences! Sometimes slow, sometimes jammed pack; I keep myself occupied. I have enough time stranded at my desk doing paperwork to pay attention to the internet. I often go out to lunch on a friendship date! Meeting up at a restaurant or in Madison Square Park. I leave work at five-thirty, or twelve thirty if it is Friday (oh summer hours!) at which point I grab the R train (sometimes I take the F for freshness) & read on my way home. Ah, Brooklyn! Now things switch up, depending on if Jenny is home before or after me. Anyhow, I'll typically pick up supplies from the grocery, or take-out from a restaurant for dinner, & head home. I personally like to get home, eat, relax for an hour, & then go to the gym. People tell me I'm crazy for this. I tell them I'm crazy for all kinds of reasons. Anyhow, I go to the gym probably three times a week; the other times I fill in the gap with the internet, or a book, or television; then Jenny & I cap off the evening with some television together & I'm usually in bed a little after ten. Then during the middle of the night I wake up a few times to dodder around the apartment & gulp down a glass of water.

I think the five major social affiliations in the next iteration of Oubliette will be the following. Pick your favorite:

Poll #1440088 Oubliette 3.0 Affiliations.

You belong to....

Mother Church.
The Unity.
The Lodge.
The Mandate.
The Shining Horde.

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