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Not a lot to say & quite frankly a whole lot to say. Mummer, that is your boy Mordicai. Things continue on a less-than-breakneck pace. Yesterday. Work, then lunch with Steve & Genille & Jenny-- do you know who Tom Colicchio is? I mean, I am not a foodie (foody?) or a watched of Top Chef & I know who he is! Anyhow: Steve & Genille are food people, & wanted pizza. Really? I guess I take New York pizza for granted, but they oo'ed & ah'ed at some slices at the place next to U-Hall (remember, NYU nostalgia) so okay? What do I know. I figured I'd take them to some place with a wood oven, but when we got there the hostess was like "uh, the chef never showed up, no pizza." What the hell? Well, so we went to 'Wichcraft, since I figure people care about the Craft franchise. It is always fine, but I will say: I think the salads bear watching! Jenny's looked pretty great. Well, so I saw Steve! "Hey remember that time Adam fell climbing that building?" "Uh..." "Wait, that was you, wasn't it!" The evening was Jenny & me; I was reading the book David gave me, Player of Games & she was cooking dinner-- cod & brussels sprouts. Oh don't fret; I picked up the supplies & cleaned. Division of labor! Then we watched Fred die on Angel & off to bed! I slept like a sucker; or I mean, I didn't sleep at all. Just lay there, flipping from side to side, front to back. Occasionally touching Jenny's leg with mine under the covers. I should have just gotten up & gone to read in the living room, but by the time I figured that out, it was late enough that I should have just kept trying to sleep.

Today I had lunch with Danielle! She's going to move. Bad idea! At least, from a strictly Mordicai-centric position. We went to Heartland Brewery, which I haven't been to in...a long time, if ever. I mean, it is like all the places it is exactly like. Great Lakes Brewing Co., or that one with all the dog-themed beers. Plus, of course, buffalo. Speaking of the Wastelands, all kinds of exotic animals are tax-exempt there; you get kick backs for llamas, alpacas, ostriches, buffalo. All over the place, those guys. & you wonder why I'm for re-wilding America with lions & elephants. Anyhow, I'm going to miss lunch with Danielle, but we started our friendship over the internet, so I'm not worried that flag will fall, or anything.

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