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The Guns of Macedonia. (69, 70)

All Day Permanent Red & Cold Calls by Christopher Logue.

Diomedes cuts!
& Aphrodite bleeds RED.
Athena's eyes: GREY.

This is a continuation of Logue's amazing, astonishing War Music, a modern re-imagining of the Illiad. Part translation, part riffing, Logue interjects modernisms & some hard boiled language in-- quotes Paradise Lost & Shakespeare, the Bible, the kitchen sink. The end result is just gorgeous, & had me frolicking in my seat on the train. Laughing sometimes, & making the kind of "Oh!" when some crazy bad-ass stuff goes down, or the "damn..." when that is the appropriate response. Like a lively movie theater-goer. Don't go in that door, Hector! The killer is behind you, Ajax! Of the two Cold Calls was the better; the gods & men are all up in each other's business, & Logue really shines in the junction of mortals & the divine. He mostly calls Apollo the "Mousegod!"
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