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Reading more Neanderthal stuff & wondering if this is the start of real sparklevamps (versus sharkpires). Besides that, I've been thinking about things like Aardvark & Wikipedia. I wonder if my admiration for Bayes is at the root of it it; at the fundamental success of crowd sourcing, even. I mean-- people criticizing Wikipedia (in particularly) always get my goat, yank my chain, & from two directions at once. One, for assuming that I somehow think everything I read on Wikipedia is magically objectively "true." Two, for assuming that everything they read in newspapers or encyclopedias is magically objectively "true." It bothers me, you know? Bayes' math might verge on the meaningless, but as an explanatory model for rational behavior, I really think it excels.

I think firefighters are creepy. Scary. Just the trappings of it; leather armor, antique weapons (axes, hammers, claws, polearms), Darth Vader masks, air tanks. Not to mention that they are all pretty big guys to start out with. Well anyhow, the firefighters sent two of their big Engines to my apartment last night. Just as Jenny & I were going to go to bed, our carbon monoxide detector started going off. Well what do you do when that happens? Apparently you call the fire department. So out they came, with a turn around time of, oh, lets say three minutes. Living in a nice part of Brooklyn has its perks. The soldiers firefighters came in, knocking into walls with their tanks & weapons, checking the gauges built into their outfits. I was a little jealous. Anyhow, they were reading nine parts per million; apparently point five to five parts per million is standard for a home, but it can get up to fifteen parts per million near a stove. I don't know how high it has to get to trigger the alarm (probably a hundred ppm I'd guess), but we opened up all the windows & turned on the fans & it cleared out pretty quickly. The firefighters said "tell your landlord the fire department says you need a new stove," & were on their way. Consensus was that when Jenny cooked dinner (using the stove & oven, both) with the windows closed & air conditioners blowing in, the CO pooled & set it off. Our stove is old enough to have no electrical parts-- always burning! So; off they went, & we spent the night sweating without our AC on.

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