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Sulimen's Totem.

The last few days I've gotten to just hang out with Jenny, which is nice. We tend to kind of spiral off into our own little mini-cliques when we are in a group; not aggressively so. I mean, we are still pretty omnipresent, hands on each other, but we have different socializing strategies. We really hit our stride when we are just wasting time together; man we crack each other up with...whatever. Like-- the other day at dinner, my mind & my mouth disconnected & I started babbling nonsense & realized it so I ended my rant with "WHAT?!" which Jenny thought was hilarious. Sun's day & Moon's day were the same stuff. Cooking dinner, watching programs, being chill, adhering to the Agenda. The Agenda. It is a-okay with me, but doesn't sound that exciting to bystanders. Lets try: last night Jenny made quinoa with broccoli, green beans, carrots, & pork. We finished watching an episode of Can You Duet? that she'd DVR'd. Everyone competing on that show is young enough that the music they want to sing is actually country, not top 40s country-pop; the former is a-okay but the latter is abominable. They stick to the latter, so it is fine. Then we watched Angel; we are at the part of season four where Jasmine has shown up; the rest of this season is so weird, amiright? Anyhow, then it was time to make with the Agenda. In the morning, I shoveled some leftovers in my mouth for breakfast (no more coffee in the morning) & took some leftovers of the cavatappi, broccoli, & shredded chicken in vodka sauce with me to work. Work yesterday was confusing & annoying; today is making up for it by being slow enough to let me catch up, & read the Scientific American article about Neanderthals. Oh, & be bummed that ranai & ravenface are leaving Metropolis.

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