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Bon, the magic dragon, lived by the sea...(65)

Bon: The Magic Word by Samten G. Karmay & Jeff Watt.

Lamlha rides the Queen!
The queen bee, depicted here
as giant larvae.

I know more about the indigenous religion of Tibet than you do! Bon. Or at least a little. At least I've heard of it. Bon is superficially similar to Tibetan Buddhism; the feedback & interplay between the two makes the unavoidable. Still, there are certain artistic conventions at work: Bon's use of rainbows, for one, & animal headed deities being more prevalent. This book came out in association with a Bon museum exhibit, which should surprise precisely no one. First, the big problem-- there are a few chapter-articles that seem to be written by devotees of Tibetan mythology; what I mean to say is that they slip from scholarly & into philosophical & religious musing. Not my favorite. Other than that? The first bit of the book is historical context; you know me & my DnD addled brain. Skip that stuff & get to the mythology! When it came down the pipe though, it didn't disappoint. In particular the thirty-three Bon ritual experts on page 152-3 are really neat, the above mentioned Lamlha on her giant maggot (156), & "Supreme Secret of Mother Tantras Attaining the Limit" on 164. Oh, plus there are tons of pretty pictures.
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