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I really just want a moment to relax & not be sort of trapped between living & dying. The week of the play was draining, between work & theater & social obligations. Funny kind of; funny at the time. Two hours of standing perfectly still & concentrating really hard-- stressful! Praying mantis style! Anyhow, last night we did laundry, which desperately needed to be done; I mean, it was rather ridiculous even for us, & we typically post-pone laundry to heights (depths?) that astonish. Now that it is over, a corridor of birthday's is upon us! & I haven't been going to the gym. Those are the plates I need to keep in the air. I was thinking about going & working out tonight, but I think I either want to collapse or I want to watch Harry Potter & the Half-blood Prince. I just need to find out if Jenny is up for the latter. Mostly I'm looking forward to segueing back into the routine, because my day-to-day is pretty awesome.
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