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More like Hayate Hex Blade, am I right? (63)

Hayate X Blade volume IV.

O! My crystal ball
has gone dark! & the S-class
prepares for their duel.

(I'm using the image from volume III, since when I read that one, it's cover wasn't ready. Just lagging one behind I guess!) So these things are cute popcorn, bing-bing-bang-bing-bing, as Dan Akryod would say, if he was in Grosse Point Blank & asked about them. Manga still continues to elude me as a "thing," but I like to have at least a conversational familiarity with the occasional nook & cranny. These are adorable, weird, & idiosyncratic-- & lately they've been leaving a lot of the Japanese idioms untranslated, with a glossary in the back that explains them. I think that is a really smart choice, since the audience probably likes feeling that sort of smug cleverness when the know one (I do...) & also likes learning new ones when they don't (I, the slang for bisexuality is the same as the term for two sword fighting?). The only complaint I have is that the characters are all in uniforms & don't have the usual anime distinctive characteristics; I still get the occasional character confused. I mean, there are styles, but in black & white they get lost (see this for how it would work in colour). Anyhow, crazy Japanese schoolgirls sword fighting & having platonic lesbian relationships. Pretty much sums it up. Fun.
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