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I had a dream last night; I'm going to try to get it down. I was at some art museum, some art project, some sort of facility. There was a gondola labyrinth-- there had been statues of the Virgin Mary done up like a Southeast Asian goddess, then removed, so only the sort of crumbles at the edges remained. There was a several story high sort of playset made of the material stunt people fall into-- you could climb on it & fall & such. I was there initially to see a movie-- it started out as a sort of 50's era filmstrip about being a kid-- black & white, scratches on the film, jingoistic mentality, voice-over. Most of of the people left at the intermission; I stayed. The second half of the filmstrip was...bizarre. Like a Phillip K Dick story or something. Dick & Jane & the kids from the filmstrip were grown up. It was the near future, & they were sitting in the grass lawn surrounding their school, at like a reunion or something. They talked odd-- like language had drifted one step away from the modern idiom. They had multitool cellphones, & before going anywhere they had a computer decide what drugs they should take. They were smart & charming & odd; it was the future. In the ravine behind the school, there was a white tree wreathed in mist-- no, in pollen, or in some kind of vapor it was spraying out from its trunk. Dick & Jane & Spot (genetically recombined to be a humanoid) were arguing about the tree; they were xenobiologists, astronauts, poets. The tree was from off-world; the arguments were about its colour, not requiring photosynthesis-- white being reflective. No lichen growing on it-- could it be integrated into Earth's ecosystem? It smelled like magic markers & made a sound like a theremin when the wind blew through it. The End. I like the filmstrip, & met up with Jenny & we went into the canal-maze. I got out & waded in the water at points. Later I was climbing the soft-bock jungle gym, & Courtney was there-- I tried to elaborate on missing her, wishing I'd comported myself better, that I was sad she didn't really talk to me. Didn't work-- same as in real life, I guess. Then later me &--someone, a girl I'm friends with, a real one-- Maggie or Danielle or Lilly or Kira or someone-- & I were smuggling suits? Smuggling suits, stolen suits, for the Mafia. We dropped them off & each got $100,000. I was supposed to keep it secret from Jenny-- like, wouldn't she be mad I was involved with the mob? I didn't want to, but I was supposed to. I was supposed to buy plane tickets & go on vacations. I ended up buying that $1,000 ice cream sunday, with the gold flakes on top. Just because I had to blow through the money. The ice cream was okay but it turned out I like eating gold.
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