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Here is a list of things I like: Cocktails at the Centre of the Earth...that is all.

I've come back with my shield & on it, which is a special trick I can do. I don't know if I have it in me to digest or analyze Cocktails at the Centre of the Earth just yet. It is over though, so I can go back to having a life. Which is good, since I really need to do laundry. I am free! Sun's days & Tyr's days are back on the menu, boys! Well, free except all the upcoming birthdays. I'm slipping away from the point, so let me get back to it. There were only a couple reviews of the play, but I don't need a website to tell me how it went: it went damn well! Lots of everybody came out; Kingtycoon & Antonio & Bridgett came from the Wastelands, as did Ryan; Brian & Jocelyn; Andy, Nicole, Lisa & James; Adam & Tania; Sarah & Bird, Beatrice, Kaitlyn, Melora from Rasputina, Kerry, Emily & her brother, Kevin & David & David's parents-- about a million people more that I'm probably forgetting. We sold out Freja's day & Saturn's day; we got an encore on Sun's day. It was pretty epic; it was pretty grandiose. It was a chamber play about steampunk alcoholics. S'just how we do. The Saturn's day matinee I screwed up, did the wrong accents on a few lines. Oh, my role as the robot meant I had to stand perfectly still & do impressions of the other actors. The biggest complication was Jenny's birthday on Saturn's day; I picked up our stuff from the framers, along with a present for Jenny-- a Basil Bessler botany painting. Well once duplicated. Still, awesome. Ran to her party after the show; found her literally drinking champagne from one of those beer helmets. She was too hungover to make it to the cast party; I started with some absinthe & went from there. Then I kissed all the girls on top of the head when I left! Or like, Lilly & Danielle, I mean. Oh yeah, they came too, duh!

Also, flirted with Kira a lot.

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