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Sometimes a seaman just wants to die.

Well before I start talking about Cocktails... lets talk about things that matter a lot more: Jenny is home! My work day was basically treading water on emails & mailing punctuated by a meeting about teleconferencing for the sales conference, & then at the end, bang! Jenny met me outside the Flatiron. Oh, it was nice to see her. I tried to play it cool; she usually needs to readjust. She's nice. Jenny rode the train with me to the play, hung out for a little bit, bought me a sandwich, & then went home; she'd had a long day of travel back from the Carolinas, & I didn't need her there Opening Night. I'd rather she was home & resting rather than being miserable through the play. So off she went! & then there she was when I came home, too. Having her there to make contact points with is really lovely. Much better, actually. Though I did have a dream where my entire lower palate fell out. Like, imagine my bottom teeth were attached to a fleshy denture, & you bit into hard candy, & then as you tried to pull them out of the gooey sugar, they just ripped off your jaw.

On went the costume! In the picture above (taken by Henning, who gave a copy out with a close up & a tiny bottle of liquor to everyone) I'm in half-dress-- Lauren was busy-bee sewing my shirt & pants, & I'm sans make-up too. Think of it as a teaser image! Well, I suited up & then BAM. Game on. I'm like-- a fussy, backstage freak out. I put on my game face, man! In this case, a literal face, a literal human face, like Steve Buscemi in ConAir. There were some quagmires, some fumbles, but in the most important column, there was...success! I think it came off very well; there were chuckles & I think the musical acts left the audience...confused with joy! It never occurered to me what a confusing spice melange Cocktails at the Centre of the Earth is. Well, it is! In the audience Brian & Jocelyn were the folks who came for me, along with Emily & David for their respective significant others with seeing their friends as perks, & Erica was there for the crew too. Brian & Jocelyn said they "didn't know what to expect," which I think translates into "thought we were being obligated to see our friend's crummy play" but they seemed to be pleasantly surprised. Enthusiastically surprised. A nice bit of meat to feed to my ego, that. Okay, only what, five more performances to go?

(I just got ordered to go back to my desk to eavesdrop on a meeting!)
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