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Cocktails at the Centre of the Earth dress rehearsal last night! Or half-dress; half the cast was in costume, half hasn't quite got it together. Or maybe my percentages are off; my costume is having the finishing touches put on, & should be ready for tonight. More importantly, our first chance to actually use the space. It isn't significantly smaller in practice than the last theater. Or; it is smaller, but what you lose are perks, more than space. No curtain! Which we hid behind to do the Black Mass for Witch Prison!. No bathroom! We have to sneak out down the hall. Other than that, & about twenty seats, we're in business. We worked on entrances & exits, which are tricky; you know, just adapting the theoretical blocking to the actual space. Then we ran throught the show. Which went off just fine. Not without a hitch, but the hitches were plowed under & into the dirt. The show went on! I continue to know my lines. I'm paranoid-- in the "I hate plays" part of the show. I don't really-- I like it! Especially the part where I'm done with it. The relief, not the stress. Just play it cool, Mordicai. Take some deep breaths! I'm not used to being anxious; funny that public performance is what makes it happen. A play! Coming home was a nightmare; I convinced Maggie to take the A to the F, instead of going on the N or the R; James chose the N/R I guess? Either way, I wasn't going out for drinks! My plan, switching at Jay, was foiled, utterly foiled; the F train was so broken they wanted us to find a D that was being diverted to the station, take that back into Manhattan, & just pick another train-line altogether. Nice, asterisk, kind of the worst thing. Maggie & I ended up walking from Jay street, meeting David on Nevins. Long walk home after being on my feet. Still, in bed by midnight, which was my goal; though I was so hot & sweaty that it took me forever to fall asleep. This is going to be my week: Work at 8:45, leave work at 5:30, get to play at 6:00, perform at 8:00, home at 12:00. Except during the weekend, when I have two shows a day, rather than work. Busy!
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