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Pitter-patter, Young Voldemort!

I am soaking up for a busy, non-stop week. Yesterday I went to the gym, met up with Lilly (wrote "Killy"), played some video games, went out for sake & got trapped into drinking beer at the sake house. Actually, pretty enlightening time there; first, Lilly & I played Battleship & I won only by one stroke. Seriously, every time one of us got a hit, the other got a hit on their next turn. Weird. Got some nigori recommendations from the owner of the place & then off to play practice. Pretty great; the musical acts are awesome to see. I didn't mess up; I'm getting into that spot where I unreasonably worry about messing up. So tonight is a dress rehearsal, same for tomorrow, then Wednesday Cocktails at the Centre of the Earth opens! Wednesday Jenny also comes home. I will be really glad when it is next week.
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