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Gangrene really feel me.

Bryan & Simon! Simon showing his treasured picture of two glass boots filled with cocktails. "Two Boots! At Two Boots!" So they rolled up on this sleepy head & that led to wine down the gullet-- as you can imagine. It never rains but it pours; so much for my lazy tucked in evening! So we were...drunk! Or well Simon & I were-- Bryan was driving, & sober! He spoke to me of-- fatherhood! I have an odd life suddenly. Or well, not so surprisingly, I guess. With time, that passed, & I woke up this morning with an errand in the bank: go pick up Tania's CSA produce. Done! There are beats, & squashes, & cabbage & lettuce, some parsley, some chard, some...some other thing I don't know what it is, some ears of popcorn, & I think something else, but I forget. Anyhow, no one was available for breakfast, sadly, so I grabbed some greasy Chinese food! They'd just opened, everything was piping fresh. & it was what my hangover wanted. Now I'm trying to get my act together, hit the gym, & then James & I will go see Jenny Lewis in the park.

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