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So I threw my intentions into the wind. I mean-- I drank too much stimulant juice today to just give up. Heck, once I tried how sherry tasted I knew I was a mess. For the record: I've had that since martak moved, & I'm pretty sure it is for cooking. I dumped it down the drain. From orbit. The only way to be safe, you know? & I started making Alice-- you remember Alice? A mix cd. Oh wait, I skipped the important details: I do that with stories. I think the myelin sheathes on my neurons are just super awesome, is how it goes down. Anyhow, I tossed the sherry (WTF, sherry?) & figured out that the liquor store was still open & grabbed a bottle of wine. Along the way running into David & Maggie on their suspicious date. Cracked the cork & started watching Firefly. Lovely show, that. Like-- that show! Anyhow, Simon called me in the middle to ask if I wanted to hang out; I said call me when he was done! He hasn't, to date. & Now I'm getting rightly anxious of the sleeping. You know, let me call him & see how his events are going. iTunes, pause on that Neutral Milk Hotel / Elliot Smith mix I made! Hold blogging! Uh, no answer. Exciting. I got his voice mail. It told me to buy tickets to my play: why, what a cunning voice prompt!

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