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The Champ.

What is the score? Fuck, I don't know the score, I just know to keep punchin'. Did the bell ring? Are the cops here? Thursday was my summer hours half day. How we do. I rolled on back to the pulsating heart of Brooklyn & did my thing. My thing being knocking an hour & a half out at the gym. S'when I started feeling fuzzy. I mean, I felt good, no doubt. I felt like I might take the gentleman's way out of my obligation. Lilly's birthday, is what I mean. & by gentleman's way, I mean-- old folks way. Man, a party that gets started at midnight is too late for these bones! I'm circadian rhythms (hell, my cicada-ian rhythms I'm so cyclical, man) get me up at 6:30, & I spent too many nights prior drinking till late. So I dropped a dime on her let her know I was not going to be due. Stopped by David & Maggie's-- David was rolling on a DnD game, but I said naw. See, can't hang if I'm going to leave my other plans hanging. So I dropped some suds & took off. I should mention: all that took place in some real Hated Noah style. I mean, sky pouring down buckets; a walk to Gowanus is normally short & sweet, but by the time I got there I was soaked on in. Borrowed socks to get home, if you know what I mean. Then on to today; got up, met Tom for some breakfast (green eggs & ham at Perch) & then game prep-- then, you guessed it. Gaming. Ran my game; went well, surprise guest, surprise NPCs, & then out! I was going to meet up with Alicia but her plans were bumped forward, so now I'm back here. Not drinking; sort of want to, sort of not, so trying to err on the side of getting up early & going to pick up vegetables for Adam's uh, what do you call 'em. Hippie commune thing. Then gym, then who knows? Suck it, fourth of July, I don't need a plan for you.

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