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If you aren't drunk on the internet: you're doing it wrong.

You ought to be able to. I certainly can. Fat, worms in the air. You can ignore them in the ground but when the maggots take to the sky? Drat. I can-- I can hardly hold it together. Like, somehow the idea that there might be anyone who gives a fuck is impossible. Less impossible then the idea that anyone would give a fuck about me, interesting enough. Or I should say, duh. Mordicai is greater than all reality, is duh. Oh! Speaking of awesome; fordmadoxfraud translated Revelation from the Greek for me one year. Showed it to Tracey & she was appropriately dumbfuddled. Hold on. Better. So I had an okay tonight. Burgers & beers with Sam & Tracey. Then Tracey coming over for Sake & Geek Talk. Tracey needs Geek Talk, which can be hard. Like-- if you want to narrativly force something in, she's cool, as long as you tell her that is what is up. Or not! Like, last session she was distracted & I should've...anyhow. She came over & I showed her my big books! My Voynich's & my Harmonia Macrocosmica & such ilk. I book bragged! I am like that. Anyhow-- I tried to go to bed; it didn't work. Shit, I'm pretty gross about having a wife, but it is...uh, awesome?

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