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Jenny went on vacation! To go visit her parents, & shoot guns. This is what she is doing & so I am left to my own devices. My devices are pretty fierce! Friday I woke up to see her off (she would't reconsider, & on top of everything was sick!) & then I cleaned the apartment up & poof! Dynamite! I went over to Sam & Tracey's to run my game; it went pretty well I thought, though there was some 11th hour stress that I hope didn't taint it. Afterwards, James came over & we played some Lifeforce, coining such memorable rants as "Cover your zone, bro!" & "Bro, catch my option!" Also there was MarioKart & World of Goo & then Maggie came over & then next was David! More videogames & then the success of successes-- NeverEnding Story! Yesss, letsss! Then kit & caboodled into bed. Which! I've been making the bed up every morning, because I know Jenny would want me to. Also, by myself I don't make a mess; I barely rumple the covers! Sunday was busy as a bee! Okay, first off I went to the framers, only to find they were closed; then met with Adam to hit up some brunch at Sotto Voce. Acceptable! Then back to the Framers ("Prints Charming") where he got the prints Jenny got me & the print I got her in the mix to get framed. Very exciting! Then back home (with Adam) for some MarioKart & then to the gym. Back from the gym & then to play practice; rehearsal in full overdrive. I was less intimidating, more chipper. Weird; I didn't know I was! Then (I told you it was busy!) Maggie & James & I met David for late night sandwiches & drinks-- Reis 100 wasn't open (should've been!) but we got Brooklyn Bakery & drank at Bar Reis anyhow. I wanted a martini, & I got one! Now I'm at work but I shouldn't be. I should be...hiding under the bed!
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