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Role Models

Uh, this movie is hilarious? Seriously, there is a joke about three minutes in-- Paul Rudd says, in regards to KISS, that he also likes to "rock & roll all night, & part of every day." Only you know, delivered in the wry Paul Rudd fashion. We had to pause it on account of "Lolling." Or Jenny even insisted we were "Rofling." There are a bunch of other jokes-- low, mid & high. Plus, the movie ends up being super geek affirming. Like-- not only is the LARP kid told that being a LARPer is fine if that is what you feel like doing, but it grows to encompass the cast. To the point of them all dressing up like the KISS Army & fighting the LARP crew-- who are all pretty hilarious? Like, not caricatures, but instead guys who are playing fucking LARP. Which means having fun. I was pleased; I'm a sucker for that, no doubt.
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