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You read a book, son!

Another day of dates with my wife. Seriously, we're romantic as hell. We got lunch together at a Cuban place near work-- lots of food. Tamales, empanadas, Cuban sandwich & a baked chicken sandwich. The onions were really good? & then we went shopping for a phone-- I need a new one but realized I don't really want or need a smart phone or iPhone or anything like that. If I needed to kill five minutes, I would just read a book, I don't need to browse a tiny internet. I like you internet, but I see you all day at work & sometimes at home, you know? I don't like you an extra fifty bucks a month. So I think I'll get a Magnet. Keyboard, but no state of the art functions. Anyhow; after work Jenny & I met at No Idea to have giant tumblers of liquor. Nice to have a drink with her! Though there went my hopes of going to the gym. We hopped a train & dinner was at Aperitivo, which I've been going to a lot lately. Went to lunch with Danielle there the other day, even! This time Jenny & I got mussels (sandy) & pasta-- her the three-mushroom, which was cool looking & good, & me the beet gnocchi again-- also cool looking & good. Afterwords she got a chocolate pyramid, & I got a glass of digestif-- Cynar. Verdict: too sweet. Dinner conversation was how individuals who are important to us but estranged-- exes & their ilk-- can be total morons. & those who aren't-- like, I've been bonding with Theresa pretty fiercely lately. Getting home was a bit tricky; I realized I had forgotten my credit card & had to go back to the restaurant to pick it up. Then we watched Angel & got drunk-- the episode where they steal his soul! I like that episode a bunch.

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