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Tick-tock & Nick Chopper. (59)

Mainspring by Jay Lake.

H. erectus &:
the equator dividing
the world a brass cog.

The first thing that one me over were the play on words. Okay-- this book sort of takes the tactic "what if the world was intelligently designed?" to the extreme. The Earth orbits the Sun on a giant track, visible in the night sky, & the equator is a wall, topped with 100 mile high brass teeth, which fit into the grooves of the track as it spins through the heavens. The moon is on a similar track, the inside of the Earth is a giant set of nestled spinning balls, so on. Now-- theologians in the Northern World argue over Divinity-- God made the cogs! or other options like-- "all we can say is something made the world." Well anyway, I mentioned the wordsmithing: the horofixion of Christ? See, because the Romans crushed Brass Christ in giant gears & clockwork. What, awesome. The only issue I might take with the book is a fairly big one-- making the Southern Earth a weird jungle savage land filled with ape men & such ilk. Uh, there are lots of human beings in the real world below the south of the equator, & sort of sweeping them aside & making the North full of people & the south full of proto-Edenic Homo erectus & odder things is troublesome, to say the least. I hope later books (there are two more, so far) rectify this-- I mean, there were not-white people who were real, not stereotyped characters, so I think Lake isn't unaware of the difficulties of having white, imperialist powers as the star of your book. A little un-abandoned Incan civilization or whatever would go a long way with me. Oh & warning: lots of Homo on Homo sex-- by which I mean interspecies, intra genus. Or at least I read the Correct People as Homo erectus more than ape-people, but then, that is how I roll.
Tags: books, clockwork earth, haiku, lake, steampunk

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