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By this sword I rule! (57)

Sword of Rhiannon by Leigh Brackett.

The canals of Mars
connected the seas that were
once upon a time.

I've been meaning to pick up one of Paizo's "Planet Stories" for a while. I like Paizo-- they put out consistently good product. I like pulp, especially the "swords & science" version. Put the two together & well! Of course, with pulp it is tough to know what is wheat & what if chaff; with your Howard's & your Lovecrafts & your Burroughs, you can sort of roll the dice & hope history was right to give them props (it was). It took a little more coaxing, but Nicola Griffith wrote the introduction to this one. Oh, & I picked it up for a smile at BEA. So there is that, too. Oh, then also, "author of Empire Strikes Back," too. Stars, they are a'right. So what do I have to say? This is a book on the cusp. There is Moorcock magical swords & protagonists shouting out Demon God's names. Burroughsian man out of place-- in this case not from Earth to Mars so much as from the deserts of the dead, red planet to it's living vibrant past 1,000,000 years ago. The protagonist is of the scoundral stripe, & the girls are of the "proud hellcat" variety. I enjoyed it. I don't know that it was brilliant-- it ain't going to change your life, but then, so what? Sword fights. Slave galleys. & there was a bit where Ywain, the haughty princess of the Evil Empire (tm) is "slender as a boy in her black mail" which I thought was really nice. It worked.
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