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Old Mister Radio-head. Has a radio for a head.

Decided rather spur of the moment to go out with some folks after work. I waffled for a bit but I like my co-workers & Joceyln was coming & well...I felt like it! We were going to walk down to Kat's, but the rain kicked up, & so we took the train two stops. I hate traveling meager distances like that, but yeesh, it has been Thor & Odining out there, Zeus & Tiamat bleeding everywere. The evening was tame; got decidedly unsober & cracked each other up with anecdotes & turns of phrase. As you might. We split up early; going out with co-workers is funny like that. Normally, I have to leave parties early-- sort of duck in, duck out, since I have to go to work early the next day or have a wife waiting at home or whatever. Which is where the funny comes in-- my collegues have the same work to get to early the next day, so the evening tends to end in unison; I don't duck out early so much as the event wraps up without further ado. When I got home Jenny had no interest in television or in me, sadly. I didn't feel like video games, so I just ate too too much (a burrito & granola & yogurt!) & went to bed early, at nine-thirty. Oh, lets not forget lunch yesterday-- I met Jenny & Danielle outside the Flatiron & we went to get all you can eat Indian food. Seriously though, the little dessert guy-- I like that stuff. Today is an early day at work-- I'm going to go home, relax, work on my game for tomorrow, & go to the gym. Maybe Jenny will join me, but frankly I think it would be smarter if she went to Anti-prom.

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