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"If they attacked anywhere it would be here, Point Pleasent, or Area 51."

Oh man it makes my heart murmur so hard whenever I see Yorda. I mean, susuruss all the secrets of "cherish, protect, destroy all puzzles, catch her when she jumps, maul the very shadows themselves, the queen must me slaughtered..." Oh Yorda Yorda Yorda. Jenny, can we name our second daughter Yorda? Say we can! How wonderful would it be? OKAY deep breath. Take a moment to pause. Yorda Yorda Yorda, shhhh. Okay, princess made of light speaking in wonderful glossolalia-- you can handle this. High & tight, five by five. Do not think about Last Guardian...too late...

Okay, what, Penny Arcade? I don't really think it is all that funny, but sometimes it is true, & this is one of those times. Did you know the name of the creature is Trico? Which is (to quote Wikipedia) "prisoner" (toriko), "baby bird" (tori no kodomo), or a mashup of "bird" (tori) and "cat" (neko). Why am I freaking out about Team Ico games today? Oh, no reason. Lets slip back on subject, if we can. Last night after work I was really exhausted. Events over the weekend kept me from getting any sort of reasonable amount of sleep-- game, poison, all that jazz. Still, Jenny helped kick me into shape & I did go to the gym, & I did feel a million gp better. We also watched a couple episodes of Angel, & Wesley's arc from "biggest joke" to "toughest guy" is right on track. Seriously, how good is the depth of change Wesley goes through? He's the scariest white hat of them all, sorry Giles. Oh, & I had a nightmare last night about getting beat up again, but this time in Mentor.
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