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Jonathan Lewis Carrol (53)

White Apples by Jonathan Carrol.

The rat wears lipstick
& you didn't think "That's weird"?
Well, death changes you.

Arg, I'm a little burned out, but I want to joust at this. I finished it last night, & went through phases reading it, from exasperation to enjoyment. This was recommended to me by one of my bosses, & it did reference my favorite bit of Faustus. I think my misgivings are overcome by fundamentally liking what the book had going for it; I'd give a different book of his a shot, to see how I feel over-all, you know? The downsides, first up. One, it was really loosely plotted. I mean, it seemed almost NaNoWriMo in its "well, & then I foreshadowed this thing which never came up again, then Chandler's man with a gun walked into the room." The other downside was a few flat, wishful thinking, goofy kind of add-ons. Animals want to be in the protect mankind! Uh, wot? That sort of business didn't do the book any favors. On the other hand, in the plus column, the characters were pretty great. I sometimes think Brits fall inbetween European & American literary trends; in this case, the protagonist had the European tendency towards being a contemptible piece of crap, mixed with the American style of throwing psychological quirks in & hoping that makes you like the character. Somehow, the two muddled up & worked! Beside that, there were a few moments of wonder-- the book is "magical realism" also known as fantasy, also known as fiction-- & some of them were really great: the pills with words on them, for example. I think this book had a Phillip K. Dick thing going on at points; not enough to obscure the momentum though. PKD stuff gets plot problems excused because, well, heck, perception/reality is crumbling! You do sort of have to be PKD to pull that off, though, & even he doesn't always. Anyhow; I'd give him another shot. I would also recommend it. It just wasn't my favorite.
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