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Two trolls enter! Two trolls leave! Since trolls can't breathe fire or spit acid.

I'm hectically, tragically torn apart by actually having work to do. Oh woe, calloo callay! What am I sobbing about? It ain't so bad, mister. Yesterday as soon as work drew to a close-- nay, before, for I snuck out early-- Jenny, Ryan & I met up outside the Flatiron & headed to Dos Caminos for dinner. I also tried drinking nice tequila. Here is what I learned: I still don't care even a little about tequila. So, a martini! Then I made the waitress I was flirting with figure out what dub of this Massive Attack song that was playing-- Underdog's Angeldust Mix of "Protection." Hey, I remember being in college & listening to trip hop all the time. Like a How I Met Your Mother skit. I got "steak salad" which sounds gross, but the ingredients were what I wanted, & the thing I really wanted I got last time (& suggested Jenny get this time) so there it was. It was good! & Jenny told me how to order my steak, joking about anniversary dinner one. Yes! This was part two; & this time I had a (paper) gift for her: a picture by Creepy-chan!

Afterward we went to go see Guys & Dolls. "Front row" is funny when it puts you, well, almost back stage. Looking up all the girl's skirts. Ryan got us the tickets (paper) for our anniversary! We both heart Lorelai Gilmore, so seeing Lauren Graham was an easy sell. I had never see the movie or anything, so I was fresh meat. I enjoyed it; in particular, Kate Jennings Grant made really funny faces, Craig Bierko looks like Bruce Campbell, & "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat" was cool. Lauren Graham is a ham playing a hambone character, so it is tough to say she did well-- she made me laugh & was cute, though, & had a good way of singing humor, which seems tough to me. Plus, it made me think of Lucifer in the Sandman singing it, which in turn segues neatly into tonight's play, Coraline.
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