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The Old Republic.

I am on this team. The team that says: we own Star Wars, not Lucas. That says: Jedi are sweet. Sith Lords are awesome. Robots are cool. Starship combat is radical. That is Star Wars. Deciding not to be shackled by continuity, by the prequels. To cherry pick what you want out of it. This is why I'm not immediately turned off by the rumors that the Kuzui's want to remake Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the film, without Whedon. You know, I've said this before about Buffy. I want her to enter the pantheon of the Hammer films. I want, in 50 years, "Buffy" to be included with "Frankenstein" & "Dracula." I want people to just know it, in their gut.
Tags: final girl, star wars, video

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