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Per inoequalem motum respectu totius.

I haven't been feeling up to writing updates. Actually, I haven't been feeling up to too much, really, though I've been doing things. Getting over my cold, though it is still in my lungs, has left me lethargic. Gross! Thursday was, as I said Fuertza Bruta. Before hand there was a Tokyo of champagne for me to kaiju through: Kat had done the budgeting for the drinks at a "Welcome Author X" party, & she needed the budget to be spot on, which meant All Drinks Must Be Defeated. That left me fairly tipsy when I met brave sir Ryan to see aerial aquatic acrobatics. In summation: I liked it, but not as much as De La Guarda. DLG had the advantage of surprising me; I had no idea what it was. I went into FB planning on committing to running, singing, touching, participating. Which kept getting me yelled at by the usher. Anyhow, got home soaking wet & stinking drunk.

Up next: Book Expo America! I said this a million times, but I'll say it once more. Trade conventions are the opposite of fan conventions. Whereas at fan conventions everyone is trying to take things from you, & being an exhibitor is cool, at trade shows they want to give you things, & being an exhibitor is declasse. Previously, when I worked for Kit Marlowe & Co...

An aside- the book I'm reading now referenced my favorite bit from Marlowe's Doctor Faustus!

FAUSTUS. First I will question with thee about hell. Tell me, where is the place that men call hell?
MEPHISTOPHELES. Under the heavens.

I can't get enough of that. Under heaven. Right on. Anywhere not perfect is hell. Later the Carter echoes him:

FAUSTUS. Nay, hark you; can you tell me where you are?
CARTER. Ay, marry, can I; we are under heaven.

...okay, putting that aside. When I worked for Kit Marlowe, being at BEA actually helped all those involved, more than I realized, even. I got a ton of free galleys, but I read a lot of them & bought copies of the ones I liked for the store. Besides that, I got a load of catalogs, & ordered off there. This trip, though? Well, Thursday I helped set up the Macmillions conference room, but we didn't have an exhibitor's table! Of all things. So Friday I was basically awash in a sea. Adam & I met up with Jenny, then Ryan joined up, then finally Marie. We sashayed our way through lunch & the floor, eventually splitting off into groups. Jenny networked pretty hard, & went to some of the panels. Me, I saw some people I know, some people I am acquainted with, but I was still tired from being sick, & hungover from Fuertza Bruta, so I was kind of out of it. By the end I was done done done.

Home, then some snacks with Jenny, then back out on the streets! I met up with my homegirl Danielle, & we got dinner. I decided to make it some hardcore hibachi action. Our guy dropped his knives a lot! BUT also had the best trick of ALL. So they cook with sake, right? In the little spray bottle. He shot it into my mouth & filled it up. A mouthful of sake! So that was pretty awesome, & the I caught the tossed food in my mouth! I always miss. Auspicious. After dinner Danielle & I went that new wine shop, which was nice, & then back to my apartment to play a ton of MarioKart.

Saturday. Ugh, still coughing & wheezing. I can't go to the gym because-- well, I have civics as my virtue! I shoot daggers out of my eyes at anyone at the gym who sniffles. I can't be the guy coughing on the treadmill. So, no dice. Still no dice! On the good news column, I got brunch at Rachael's with Peter & Alicia. I hadn't been in their renovated back yard yet; nice! Then they came over for, you guessed it, MarioKart. Mostly me subjected them to the trickier levels! They left, & then Jenny called from BEA & said she was coming home. I met her in a the street & we had ourselves a nice little impromptu date. We got dinner at a Italian place on Fifth Ave, Apertivo (though privately I think of it as BAR CAFE since that is what the windows say...). Jenny had mussels with pasta with a slew of mussels, & I had beet gnocchi. Split a bottle of wine & then she encouraged me to have a digestif, since they had a time of Fernet I'd never had. Instead of a thimble, though, they gave me a whole glass, then some complimentary port. Then from there we stopped in at Perch to sit in their garden & have some cocktails. Then home for yet more wine!

The day of Sunday I was apparently grumpy for! I didn't notice till Jenny told me so. I went to the new La Bagel Delight, got us some breakfast, & we...hung out. Again, still no gym. Probably not even tonight. Phooey. Lazy Sunday. Lunch was caesar salads: I picked up the ingredients & Jenny made them. Then, to play rehearsal! Some last minute shake-ups, but I (mostly) know my lines for Acts II, III, & IV. Only V left to go (I'm not in I). Then Maggie & I hung out after practice, drinking some beers & talking about DnD. Hooray for the infectious spread of the Game! On the train ride home I told her about Tiamat, Vecna, & the difference between demons & devils. So that was the weekend, there.
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