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Mount Rush That Speaks More. (52)

Engine Summer by John Crowley.

A true speaker is
Transparent. Doctor Boot's List
is opaque. Angels...

kingtycoon has been on my case to read this for a while, but it wasn't in print & it took my slow thinking-box awhile to figure out that it was probably collected in an anthology somewhere-- in this case, Otherwise. When Jenny mentioned he was in The Believer, it finally clicked over & I picked it up. I'll say this: I'm pretty sure this will sink in. I liked it, & I have the feeling that every day that passes I'll like it a little more, till it fills up the cup. I wouldn't be surprised, for instance, to see this on my end of the year round up. This is post-apocalyptic, but not in the brooding, violent way of PA films; robots aren't coming to get you, you don't live in the desert. Instead it involves people living in the aftermath of civilization's peak. Buildings are still there, in various states. People still smoke. Live in different enclaves. The world has moved on. The protagonist, Rush That Speaks, doesn't hold a lot of secrets: there is a twist, but it isn't hard to see coming. There are cultures, dotted with details. It is the, well, what Crowley called "snake-hands" that make the tale. The nooks & crannies where he talks about something or other. The verisimilitude he conjures up by thinking about how it would be, how it would be remembered, how it would be forgotten, how it would be muddled.
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