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Batman: Year One.

Being sick all weekend was not awesome. Which is odd for me, since I'm usually totally great. I mostly just sat on the couch, in various passive modes. I played a bunch of MarioKart-- I finally went online & found out how to unlock all the players & karts, but I'm not really good enough to get a lot of them. Tricky. What really dominated the big holiday weekend was Jenny sitting on the couch with me & watching tons of episodes of Angel. We're into season three now, & Fred has just elected not to go home to Texas. So the crew, sans latecomer Spike, is complete.

Monday was our wedding anniversary, cunningly arranged to put it on a long holiday weekend. Our first year of being married! Which is an arbitrary milestone. I don't feel particularly moved by it-- like a birthday or similar, it is a point on an analog continuum, & so it is kind of weird to summon up vim for it. Oh, & I was still sick, but in recovery mode at least. We talked about blowing it off-- the "paper" present I got her isn't hear yet, & I was sick, she had slept poorly-- but when we started counting out the plans of the next few weeks it became apparent that Monday had to be the day. Carla had given us a gift certificate for Blue Ribbon, so we went to the Brooklyn one. Lilly was in Massachusetts, so it was all kosher. Two of the oyster types were better than the other. The steak tartar's mustard was kind of great. The endive & fennel had so many things in it-- basil? Olives? Oranges? Oil? Jenny had me order the Surf & Turf, since that is...kind of hilarious. I must have appeared pretty henpecked to the waiter; I was not out of it, but not really in it, either. Jenny did most of the ordering, & when I ordered my steak, she corrected me on how she wanted it cooked! None of which is weird, but my malaise made me self-conscious. Eating lobster is weird; it is messy, so being is public is tricky, & plus, I don't know how to eat it. It has secret meats! Who can find them all? I cracked it up plenty, though.
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