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I am sick. I thought it might be allergies, or a hangover, or something, but it seems I've got a case of the illness. A bad infection of disease! I started feeling an itch at the DnD game Friday. I figured it was the baby cat, or dust, or something of that ilk, & tried to drown it in beer. Not the optimal solution. Still, we invented the Paper Samurai & a Gene Wolfe story of epic proportions, so I consider it a success.

Star Trek directed by JJ Abrams.

Friday was the first summer half-day, & I finally went to go see the new Star Trek movie with Beatrice. Up on the West Side; I never go to the west of the city; or at least, not the top parts. So, Lincoln Center it was. I had the strange misfortune of knowing that my mates had enjoyed it; my expectations were built up, so I wasn't able to be happily surprised, but still, I was pleased. The two points I most want to make are that a) the future isn't far away any more. That is the moral of this film. All the other Star Trek movies are sliding doors, space docks, transporters. This movie has door handles, the engine room is a factory & not a glowing tube, there are cars & music & well-- it isn't far far in the future; it is tomorrow. The other point I keep harping on: they should have underplayed the Vulcans. The Sarek line shouldn't have been "You asked me long ago why I married your mother. I married her because...I loved her." No, that rings false! He should have said ""You asked me long ago why I married your mother. My answer was...incomplete." See, by staying in-line with the character, you make it more potent. Strange, since so much of the rest of the movie is great at pushing emotional buttons. The Vulcan school though-- was awesome. Nero is a non-entity & Scotty chews up scenes, but after Quinto's Spock I was most impressed by Saldaña's Uhuru.

Caprica directed by Jeffery Reiner.

Marie lent this to me last time we had lunch, & we watched it on Saturday. Colour me unimpressed. What is this, the early Nineties? Seriously, the amount of "virtual reality" chicanery in this pilot rang awfully hollow. Besides that fact (you know, the fact that the over-arching theme of the show is essentially juvenile & obsolete) there are plenty of problems with the family drama concept-- sort of like the OC, but without the ability to ever be tongue-in-cheek. Yeah, I'm glad not to have to try to like this show; besides the maze of plot holes, everything about it was just...well, seemed ad hoc & silly. Conversations go from friendly to antagonistic with no reason to do so, relationships are contrived & cut out of cardboard. Joseph Adams/Yusef Adama is the only exception; I thought the space immigrant angle came off. Blending Jews, Italians, the Mafia, the Yakuza, & making him a semi-dirty lawyer trying to make good; that was the one angle that had merit.

Otherwise, things have been...well, I've been sick! I have some kind of respiratory thing! It is times like this when I realize my constitution score must be pretty okay, since I rarely get sick. We've watched a few episodes of Angel, & I've played some video games. I downloaded Mega Man 2 for the Wii-- I've still got it. Or at least, I beat it on Normal; Hard is, well, harder. I also bronze medaled in another MarioKart 150cc race; I'm still trying to get the knack of Manual down. Watched some Big O, some Daily Shows & Colbert Reports. Went for a picnic in the part on Saturday with Claudio-- we're dog sitting. I'm bailing on play practice tonight, on account of my medical condition; I just hope I'm better for tomorrow, since that will be my one year wedding anniversary.
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