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The best thing about TV night was how I was the only one encouraging Marshal to jump across to the other roof, & everyone was scoffing & telling him not to-- but then the moral of the episode was that I was right! Okay, maybe that wasn't the best thing; the idea Jenny had to get 50 chicken wings was better, for instance. The trundling together of supplies was tricky-- I read the weather wrong & wore long sleeves. Still, wine, sake, & a bucket* of wings. Sauces: horseradish, jerk, bbq, ranch, blue cheese. Lilly got a sandwich even knowing she had wings waiting for her! We yelled about that all night. It went like this, in order of getting to the apartment-- Jenny, me, Lilly, Maggie, ..., David, Carla & Claudio. The only show to watch was How I Met Your Mother's season finale, so we filled up the time playing MarioKart & Guitar Hero. Now I am very sleepy. Oh, & this list rules.

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