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Let the wrong one in. (50)

Ancient Bloodlines by White Wolf Publishing.

I slept in Egypt,
rose up in bloody Haiti,
& ruled the Great War.

Now we're talking. This is the real deal, the promised goods, the golden glow in the Pulp Fiction valise. This book is crammed full of information, & it isn't wasted information. It isn't needless detail that could better be left to the imagination (like the one Bloodlines books...maybe "Legendary"?) but rather both rules & flavor. Now, I don't need the information on Haiti or Sumer or Thailand for my Oubliette game, since I run my own setting; technically, all I need are the rules for disciplines & blood rituals. Still, I like to be inspired, & there is plenty here to be inspired by, & plenty of stuff to get outside of the European dominated material. Your aboriginal American vampire bloodlines, Haitian, Thai, Babylonian, Egyptian, Indian. Nice, vivid stuff, & because of the way bloodlines work now, they aren't exclusive; you could join one, if you wanted, or at least study to learn their discipline, or seek one out to get a bezoar, or...well, there are storytelling options. Some of the disciplines seem over powered (the Apollinaire's Carrefour discipline in particular is probably too good, especially considering the "Eye of Ghede" power the bloodline gets for free) but some are amazingly evokative & balanced (Bhumisparsa compares to Resiliance astonishingly evenly). The book is dusted with spirits, magical boundry lands, cults, organizations, hunter cells, & NPCs-- enough to be useful without drowning out the signal with noise. I'm impressed with this book-- this is what I want to be buying.
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