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Yorda must be rescued, Dormin must be freed.

It can't be overstated; ICO & Shadow of the Colossus are both brilliant pieces of art. They are a sterling example of how video games can & will rival other forms of media, how interactivity & narrative can intermingle. All the lit geeks freaking out about textual tricks are overlooking the integrated branching story of the game. Plus, face meltingly beautiful & heart wrenchingly plotted. Yorda remains one of the best characters in fiction precisely because she alchemically transforms from silent & passive into something expressive & present. She's not a burden on the players but manages to convince you she is an equal participant. Suck on that, Disney princesses. Anyhow, now the new game from Fumito Ueda looks like it will cross ICO with Shadow... to become something I can only describe as Atreyu & Falcor. You're a young kid with a pet...gryphon? Fox-bird? Possum-eagle? Luck-dragon? I'm incredibly amped.

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